Accident & Illness

Save up to 90% on your veterinary bills!

Accident & Illness Pet Insurance

Our most comprehensive plan is also our most popular! Why do seven out of ten members choose this plan? Because coverage for accidents and illnesses means total peace of mind.

Total coverage that fits your pet and your budget

It’s important to be prepared in case your pet has an accident. But did you know that 70% of visits to the veterinarian are illness-related?

Accident & Illness coverage of $7,500 or $15,000 annually means you can concentrate on helping your pet recover, without worrying about finances.

How Accident & Illness coverage works

Coverage is flexible, and so are the fees you pay

  • You choose $7,500 or $15,000 in coverage per year
  • You decide how much we pay: 70%, 80% or 90% of the veterinary bill (including the tax)
  • You pay:
    • 10%, 20% or 30%, plus your monthly premium
    • An age-based deductible and only if you make a claim that year
Dog’s ageChoose from
0-5 years$100$200$300
5-10 years$300$400$500
10+ years$500$600$700
Cat’s ageChoose from
0-5 years$100$200$300
5-10 years$200$300$400
10+ years$300$400$500

It’s pet insurance that comes with complete confidence

Thanks to the veterinarians and pet owners who designed our insurance, we provide pet insurance that puts you and your pet first:

  • 4Life Guarantee – All Pets Plus Us coverage comes with our 4Life Guarantee. That means that once you’ve enrolled for coverage, your benefits are automatically guaranteed to renew each year for your pet’s entire lifetime.
  • No breed exclusions – we cover every breed, and even health conditions associated with a breed, if they aren’t pre-existing when your coverage starts.
  • Know what’s covered from the start – insurers call this “underwriting upfront”. We look at your pet’s health records and tell you if anything’s not covered when you purchase, so there are no surprises later on.
  • Annual deductible – once you’ve paid your full deductible for the year, you don’t have to pay it again, even if you have more claims before the year is out. If you don’t make a claim during the year, you don’t pay the deductible.

And don’t worry about age — no pet is too old for coverage (although it’s a great idea to start early, when there are fewer possible pre-existing health conditions to worry about).

What’s covered?

  • Illness

  • Injuries and accidents

  • Hospitalization

  • Surgery

  • Hereditary conditions

  • Diagnostics

  • Prescription medications

  • Alternative therapies

  • Behavioural therapies

PLUS, $1,000 in additional benefits, per incident, for each of these:

  • Boarding for your pet if you are hospitalized due to an accident and can’t care for him or her

  • Holiday trip cancellation if your pet has a medical emergency

  • Lost pet advertising and reward

  • Euthanasia, cremation or burial (we’ll also make a $50 tribute donation to a pet charity as selected by Pets Plus Us in honour of your pet)

You also get our exclusive Blue Ribbon Benefits

  • PetHelpFoneTM – a 24/7 emergency service that’s available when your regular veterinarian is not.
  • Compassionate Care Line – our dedicated, professional in-house counsellor can help deal with serious illness, injuries and bereavement.
  • Pet Poison Helpline® – a 24/7 animal poison control service that can assist you if you think your pet has ingested a toxic substance.
  • Pet Concierge – find the latest and greatest pet-related services, products and businesses.
  • Emergency Medical Coverage – $1,000 in pet insurance coverage if your pet incurs a life-threatening injury while lost.
  • Includes a paid subscription to Modern Dog or Modern Cat magazine.

Visit our complete Blue Ribbon Benefits page for more information.

We’re not fans of fine print, so here’s a basic list of what’s not included:

  • Wellness care, dental and some other types of treatment
  • All pre-existing conditions (i.e. a condition which showed itself, although it may not have been diagnosed, before coverage was effective)
  • Conditions that arise within the 48-hour waiting period for accidents and 14-day waiting period for illnesses

Check out our full coverage information and details about exclusions in our User Guide.

Your top questions answered

What is a deductible?

The annual amount that you are responsible for paying before we make a reimbursement under your policy. All Pets Plus Us coverage options include an annual deductible that only applies if you need to make a claim.

What is a co-pay?

The co-pay is a percentage of what you pay versus what we pay, before your deductible. We call it “your share”. With Pets Plus Us Accident & Illness coverage, you can choose your share – 10%, 20%, or 30% – as well as your deductible, allowing you to set the terms of your plan to meet your needs and budget.

Will you drop my coverage if my pet gets old or sick?

As long as your pet has Pets Plus Us coverage, we will never cancel his or her policy due to age or claims. We understand that pets can develop a chronic illness and need lots of care (just like humans), so all Pets Plus Us Accident & Illness coverage comes with our 4Life Guarantee. That means once your pet is enrolled for coverage, his or her benefits are automatically guaranteed to renew each year. The only cost increase you’ll see is of veterinary care increases.